Craftsman CM4 42hk

Båtmotor Marin dieselmotor 42 hk med 4 cylindrar och backslag PRM 125

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  • Seawater resistant cast exhaust bend, providing a long and efficient service life.
  • Fitted with a 90A Bosch alternator.
  • Based on a Mitsubishi industrial engine, proven world-wide and with an equally world-wide support.

6 years warranty on engines!


Basic Engine Mitsubishi
Cylinders 4 In Line
Cylinder Capacity 1.758 cm³
Power 30,9 kW / 42 hp
Max. Engine Speed 3.000 rpm
Max. Torque 105 Nm
Aspiration Natural
Alternator 90 A / 12 V
Cooling System Indirect, With Heat Exchanger
Flexible Engine Mounts CM Type 5
Calorifier Connection Optional
Exhaust Diameter ø50 mm
Electronic Protection 10 A Circuit Breaker
Stop Solenoid Energized To Stop
Max. Installation Angle 15° (Backwards)
Weight 175 kg
81.500,00 SEK